About Lesunja

Lisa Lesunja dedicated her life to jewellery. For over 15 years she designs and handcrafts precious pieces of the highest quality in her goldsmith shop in Zurich. In her studio she creates elaborated, artful masterpieces with lots love of detail.

Thanks to her experience with the most precious materials and her devotion for glamorous, sophisticated, extravagant designs she develops two collections each year, which premiered at the New York and Paris Fashion Week several times already.

Lesunja devotedly handcrafts the most precious materials into jewelry of the highest quality. The legacy of the goldsmith’s art only lives on in each perfectly made piece. It is Lesunja’s philosophy to maintain the soul of the Swiss artisanry with prime quality standards as well as reinterpreting classical shapes for this day and age.

Lesunja represents the classic Modernism and expresses her art in contemporary pieces made from gold, with precious stones or diamonds.

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