Lesunja Jet Set

Lesunja Jet Set

Come along on a journey around the world made of spectacular outfits and one-of-a-kind pieces handcrafted from the most precious materials. The exclusive jewellery made from gold and gemstones highlights the beauty of unique women and tells their memories of unforgettable moments.

Every creation of Lesunja’s «Jet Set» is made for a grand entrance. The pieces set the women wearing them into the center of attention. The designs are as emotional and meaningful like a night on the red carpet and therefore a homage to the jet set life everyone is dreaming of.

In her self-designed collection Lesunja unifies the characters of the most fascinating and trendy places of the world: the jeweler presents unique pieces inspired by nine destinations of the jet set – the perfect locations for elegant jewellery that gives the wearer the same iconographic and glamorous appearance as the architecture gives it to the cities.

Jet Set New York

Jet Set Zürich

Jet Set St. Tropez

Jet Set St. Moritz

Jet Set Cannes

Jet Set London

Jet Set Berlin